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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"Peanut Butter Catholic TIme…

…with a baseball bat!" So this past weekend, my fiance and I went to Pgh PA: she had been hired to sing in the Catholic wedding of an old theatre pal. SIDENOTE: My baby can sing like the dickens, especially classicly. What pipes!! So we stayed in the choir chancel behind the altar where she stood next to the organist and I played pocket Yahtzee. There was a closed circuit tv so that the theatre oops--I mean, church could be monitored during the ceremony. My baby did a great job, despite that fact that 2 new songs for which she hadn't prepared were dropped in her lap the night before during rehearsal!! Anyway, it was funny to listen to the organist accompany her in that crazy Grandma Falsetto, which was 'ok' until the organist tried to sing the low parts and completely lost it <>. But the most amazing part of the experience for me was the Ceremony Itself. Listening to the medieval take on relationships between the sexes, the words coming out of a man's mouth that were written by really, really old men long ago purporting to be words that The Higher Power would have said himself but who can't/won't because Men do such a great job of translating his will, etc.; all of this made me feel like a teenager again, attending mass against his will (not my parents, but usually catholic cousins or a close friend who's dad died or was getting married), all giggly, irreverent, disbelieving…I mean, come on, people! Even if there really is a God/Higher Power, who are Men (some Women but far and away more Men) to think that they can 'divine' his will, intentions or meanings? Doesn't that automatically anthropomorphize an Unknowable Being into the base realm of us humans? Wow, talk about Ego on the Run. Anyway, suffice it to say I giggled, I mouthed humorous asides at the Pretty Lady singing, and even got a glare from Her Royal Highness The Organist for 'sprawling' across one of the choir benches. Man, Catholics sure make some uncomfortable furniture!


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