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Monday, January 30, 2006

Flickr Ticklr, Lifehacker & Junk Drawers

See that THING to your right? That's a link to my Flickr page, with photos I've taken. Not many so far, but Flickr rocks. You know, for someone who most people think is a complete geek, I know very little about a lot. Like how to update my Flickr page with pics from my Razr. So, I am going to tackle that little challenge in the next couple of days. On other fronts, I just got invited to post on a newish blogish site called Lifehacker. It has multiple daily updates with posts and links of things that can help us all find more happy, peace or harmony, while saving the world from E-vil. Actually, I've considered myself a hacker since I was about 8, but I didn't discover that the label fit until about 5 years ago. See, in my family there has always been a junk drawer, ususally in the kitchen. Overcrowded with unidentifiable goodies, it has always been my Rosetta Stone when faced with something that won't work the way I want it to. I'm not talking about soldering iron-grade fixes, but more along the lines of "Crap, if I only had a little L-shaped piece of plastic with a round eye at the end…Ah!! I'll check the junk drawer." It's a mentality of goosing the world to get the results you want or need. Doesn't always work, but for me, this approach sustains a sense of wonder and inquiry that has kept me younger in appearance and attitude than my 44.5 years might otherwise support. Well, that and having a life partner who is nearly half my age, two terrific boys who inspire me to stay young and a professional life that freaks out my parents and is the envy of cubicle dwellers here in the midwest. Yeah, I'm getting ready to make my second pot of coffee this morning, big whoop--wanna fight about it?


At 3:45 PM, Blogger Mentalmine said...

your "rosetta stone" will be tied around my neck as I sink to the bottom of the sea of JUNK you collect!


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