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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Creesto's Parenting Secret #1-Calming-A-Kid

One of things that surprises me again and again is twofold: how so many of us parents are on our own figuring out how to raise our kids, and how little trading goes on of helpful information. So this is my first posting of something I discovered and have since shared with many other parents. This has successfully been used by us, and also by every parent I have ever let in on it for the past 5 years.

How to calm a hysterical kid:
Every parent, sooner or later, finds their child screaming so hard that they turn purple and start huffing <>, screaming and crying so hard that they cannot calm down. I think most of us experience this while the kids are infants or very young, say under 5 but it should work with even older kids.

If your child gets into a major upset and seems unconsolable, PICK THEM UP AND TAKE THEM OUTSIDE. It seems to me that most of the fits occur later in the day or towards bedtime, so it is usually darker and cooler outside at that time. Somehow the cool night, the change in ambient sound, the fresh air all seem to help distract the child into returning to calm. My theory is that it helps cool their little heads down (ever notice how all the blood rushes into their faces when they scream?). The only time this seems to NOT work is when they are in severe pain (teething anyone?) or starving. I have had half a dozen different parents thank me long after sharing this tip with them.

It's also a good trick to tell your babysitter if your little ones suffer from separation anxiety. Good luck.


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