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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Rework, rebuild, renew

re:work--a new start in a new business, Melaleuca. This is a catalog based business that produces wellness products, ie. those that are better for you and your family's health, MUCH better for the environment and, if you choose to make a business of it like Megan and I are, can also provide you with financial wellness. The compensation is referral oriented, so there is no selling, no pressure, no keeping track of others. This 20 year old company has an outstanding track record and product line, along with a consistent Fortune 500 top rating and a Fortune 500 corporate managment team. Melaleuca is NOT a Multi-Level Marketing company (I have experienced two of those and it was awful). It is something I am genuinely proud to be a part of.

re:build--while building my new financial future, I am also rebuilding my corporeal self. I have been subscribed to Men's Health magazine for several years now and recently yanked the May workout poster of the that issue and have been killing myself in our living room 3 times a week. While I am in decent shape for a 45 year old, I grow tired of pinching that little tire that lives around and above my hip bones. I also have realized that my endurance sucks. So, pain is my new friend. Since using Melaleuca products, I am able to breathe again (allergy related asmtha), so I must build my body and heart back up. After all, I have a wife-to-be considerably younger than I am and I will be damned before I let someone refer to me as her Dad.

ew:new--new habits arise from the workouts (timeliness and dedication) as well as from using Melalueca products (daily vitamins, the ocassional workout or meal replacement bar) and sitting down at my home desk and working on the business. I have committed to this opportunity as my chance to build a future where I need not worry about: retirement, whether or not I can afford to take us out for a $60 dinner or a $100 concert, whether or not my cars will run or that I can afford to fix them, whether or not I can be home for my boys as much as I want (or they can stand!). There is no boss to stand over me and make sure I am taking the necessary steps to build my business. Yes, Megan asks how I did at the end of the day and my mentor Lou follows up to see if I will be able to meet my goals, but all in all, it is up to me. I like that. I like staring down the second half of my life with full control of the reins, a glint in my eye and a bulge in my shorts…



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