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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

I Need a Time Machine

I have a very rich family history and sometimes I get consumed by it: googling names, calling mom for info etc. Here is a Summary Brief:

Both of my parents grew up in Bronxville, NY. My dad's side of my ancestral tree includes these distinctions: We came over on the Mayflower under the family name Fuller, Samuel. That means that should I pursue it, I could belong to Sons of the American Revolution, as well as the Civil War equivalent (the Union, I believe). On my mom's side, my ancestors include Sam Houston, the president of the Republic of Texas (an uncle) as well as John Leech, the illustrator of Punch and Judy among others. My mom's dad ran a commerical graphic arts studio in Manhattan from 1920 until he died in 1966. He worked on the old Lifesavers campaign in the 40's and 50's that had a choo choo train made of lifesavers candy, as well as many other commerical products. Often his firm was hired by ad agencies, so most of his work was not signed. His specialty was airbrush; he was a master of it. I have a couple of his works, one of which looks to be an airbrush study for a WWII war bond poster. His name was Herbert Carlyle Leech. His brother, Stuart Leech, was a renowned watercolorist (google The Sea Witch), and their father, Herbert Baxter Leech, was an accomplished oil painter. Now that I am running my own design firm, I find myself haunted by the past accomplishments and talents of these men, the only one I ever had contact with being my grandfather Carlyle.